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Inspire My Journey is Inspire’s new initiative to raise funds for our school project “ReFRESH – Free From Trash”.

A series of online courses and encounters with experts in the fields, all dedicated to cultivating awareness as a fundamental tool to take care of ourselves and the Planet.

All courses are available for private groups and companies too.

mindfulness course sustainability meditation

Mindfulness: taking care of the world by taking care of yourself • Fabrizio Giuliani

Over these 5 weeks, we will take care of the environment by taking care of ourselves. If it seems like a paradox, it’s because it is. The practice of mindfulness is a paradox for the conceptual mind but it is through this practice that we begin to develop an intuitive intelligence that goes beyond thought. It is the very same intelligence that trees employ to produce a fruit. 

By learning to cultivate mindfulness, benevolence, compassion, joy and equanimity, we create an internal compass that directs us towards a healthier path for us, those around us, our planet and all living beings without distinction.

“Love tells me that I am everything and wisdom tells me that I am nothing and in between the two my life flows” – Sri Nasargadatta Maharaj.

Who is Fabrizio Giuliani?

Fabrizio has been practicing Vipassana in according to the Mahasi tradition for more than 20 years and he’s the founder of the Ashoka – Mindfulness Center in Rome, where he teaches this practice. He graduated in cultural anthropology in Sidney, with a dissertation on Columbian Shamanism. He then moved to India to teach English to the refugees and Tibetan monks. He lived in Asia for 4 years, traveling to Burma, Nepal and Thailand to practice intensively and then he returned to Australia, to keep practicing at Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Center (Blue Mountains, Sydney). 

Fabrizio has the honor and great fortune to practice with some exceptional teachers, who dedicated their lives to Dharma: Lynne Bousfield, Steven Smith, Michael McDonald, Sayadaw Vivekananda, Thanissara and Kittisaro.

Since 2012 he live in the US, where he joined various Vipassana at Vipassana Hawaii, Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts and he also lived at Robert Aitken’s Palolo Zen Center, in O’ahu, Hawaii, for a few months.  

He’s a MBST instructor since July 2020.

Costs and dates

The course is taught live on Zoom.

The cost is 55€ and it lasts 5 encounters of 1h30 each. The cost of the course will be fully refund in case it doesn’t reach the minimum number required to start.

The dates are:

Saturday 21 November • 20:45-22:15 CET

Saturday 28 November • 20:45-22:15 CET

Saturday 5 December • 20:45-22:15 CET

Saturday 12 December • 20:45-22:15 CET

Saturday 19 December • 20:45-22:15 CET

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The sustainable practice julie beretta course sustainability

The Sustainable Practice • Julie Beretta

Many of us wish to make changes in our lives, yet oftentimes, thinking about sustainability can make us feel confused, anxious, inappropriate, guilty or even angry.

Wouldn’t it be nice to talk about sustainability without feeling overwhelmed? Wouldn’t it be nice to gain a bit of clarity, share ideas, and collectively identify where we could perhaps intervene?

This course is an opportunity to practice a new type of relationship to this topic. It is a space to have an honest conversation about sustainability; an invitation to observe yourself and the world around you, gain clarity, set concrete intentions, and turn those into actions. 

CLASS 1: Self-Awareness
An introspective journey to understand our current relationship to sustainability and the one we wish to nurture.

CLASS 2: Micro Awareness
Using Life Cycle Analysis as a tool to understand how our world works on a micro level and looking at circular economy as a potential solution to the issues observed.

CLASS 3: Macro Awareness
Using Systems Thinking as a tool to understand how our world works on a macro level and drawing maps to try and create connections and determine possible interventions.

CLASS 4: From Intention to Action
We’ll focus on disruption. How can we disrupt systems to implement changes in our lives? How do we go from intention to action?

CLASS 5: Back to the Self
We started with the self and it is important to re-check in with ourselves. How do we feel about this journey? Where do we stand? What works for us? What doesn’t? Let’s talk about it.

Who is Julie Beretta?

Educator at heart, passionate about sustainability, yoga and words. Julie facilitates spaces across cultures to explore ideas, feelings and beliefs through vulnerability and active listening. She believes having such «confident and compassionate» conversations can lead to real transformations in our lives. She is looking to connect with people who are also working to create positive change in the world.

Costs e dates

The course is taught live on Zoom.

The cost is 55€ and it lasts 5 encounters of 1h30 each. The cost of the course will be fully refund in case it doesn’t reach the minimum number required to start.

The dates are:

Thursday 19 November • 18:30-20:00 CET

Thursday 26 November • 18:30-20:00 CET

Thursday 3 December • 18:30-20:00 CET

Thursday 10 December • 18:30-20:00 CET

Thursday 17 December • 18:30-20:00 CET

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