About us

Inspire is a non profit association that believes in ecoparticipation. We promote a Zero Waste lifestyle through 3 main activities: outdoor activities, environmental education in schools and litter picking.

The first big act of ecoparticipation

The first great act of ecoparticipation will always be to not produce waste in the first place. This means to choose every day, through our purchases, to not join in the consumerism of single-use products, or wrapped in unsustainable packaging.

Each and every purchase, each and every production, each and every gesture is a vital choice and can truly make the difference.

Why do we go litter picking to promote a Zero Waste philosophy?

Litter picking is a great mean to raise awareness on how much litter has already been introduced on our Planet, the majority of which is single use.

That’s why, whether it’s our city park or the top of Mount Everest, cleaning the environment we explore from the garbage we find is an inherent part of the outdoor activity we practice in that moment, whether it’s hiking, climbing, slacklining, surfing, biking…you name it!

That’s why we say: #BeZeroWaste and for the rest #BeReadyToClean

We call this combined action of exploration and active cleaning Ecoparticipation. And this is what we want to inspire everyone to do daily: to ecoparticipate.

We strive every day to combine all sorts of outdoor activity with the action of taking a reusable garbage bag with us and pick up the litter we find. That’s why we also say that a reusable garbage bag is an inseparable part of the gear of any adventurer.

Our ultimate goal is to consolidate a new way of being in nature and practice our activities, a way for which everyone does their part, considering it an action that is not only normal, but necessary, as necessary as putting a backpack on the shoulders, zipping a harness, or pushing on a pedal.

Since we consider blaming and shaming and judging a form of pollution as much as any other piece of litter, everything we do takes place under the principle of kindness. We believe kindness can truly change the world, both environmentally and socially.

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What’s our story?

Inspire was founded on the 22nd of October 2017. Soon after, a little group of young women started to work full time at the organization, developing and managing its projects, activities and office work.

At the moment, we are all working as volunteers, however we are looking for support and sponsorships that would allow us to be active systematically and dedicate even more time and effort to Inspire.

The more we will have at our disposal, the more we’ll be able to dispose of!

We take care of every single aspect of the association, from administration to marketing, from event management to actively clean the areas that are part of our projects.

Our goals are to raise as much awareness as possible on the topic of environmental care and pollution; to literally clean as many areas as possible to help the local ecosystem to thrive; to promote a culture of kindness towards nature and ourselves; spark in every person’s heart the desire to go zero waste once and for all.

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An important note on our tools

Our philosophy is to not introduce in the environment more objects than those that already exist. That’s why all our tools are made by reused products. Even our garbage bags are made in Rome by Refugee ScArt, an association of refugees who use plastic rubbish found around Termini Station.

What did we accomplish?

With more than 150 volunteers involved in our ecoactivities, during our first year we collected more than 2.5 tons of garbage: we know it’s nothing in comparison to what needs to be done, but it brought people together and this for us means more than anything else. Some ambassadors started to organize events in their own areas and some of our members became actual fellow-activists, allowing us to count on their presence to organize eco-activities and Clean Up Missions.

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