About us

Inspire is a non-profit organization that believes in ecoparticipation.

We promote a Zero Waste kind of lifestyle through 3 main activities: outdoor activities, school education, and litter picking.

Why do we collect garbage to promote a Zero Waste philosophy?

Litter picking is a great way to raise awareness about how much waste has already been introduced onto the Planet, waste that is mostly single-use.

So, whether it’s the city park or the summit of Mount Everest, we believe in cleaning up the nature we’re exploring; that picking up the trash we find on our trails and routes is an essential part of any outdoor activity we’re doing, whether it’s trekking, climbing, surfing, biking, you name it! And that’s why we believe that a reusable garbage bag is part of the gear of any true outdoor lover.

But of course, that’s not enough. We also have to make sure not to introduce more waste. It’s one thing to pick up existing litter and another entirely to not produce waste in the first place, even before leaving our homes. In other words, we make sure that in our backpacks (or whatever else!) there are no single-use items or any potentially polluting substances.

This is why our motto is: #BeZeroWaste and for the rest #BeReadyToClean

We call this combined action of exploring and taking care of the environment through a Zero Waste lifestyle Ecoparticipation. And this is what we want to inspire everyone to do: ecoparticipate.

The final goal is to integrate a new way of living into our daily lives, being in nature, and doing our activities. A way in which we all do our part, our little piece to make a difference, where we view each action not only as normal, but just as necessary as eating, going to work, putting on a backpack, talking to people, fastening a harness, or pushing a pedal may be.

Since we consider blaming, shaming, and judging as forms of pollution, just as much as other kinds of waste, everything we do happens from a perspective of kindness. We believe that kindness can truly change the world, both environmentally and socially.

The first great act of ecoparticipation

The first great act of ecoparticipation is to not produce waste in the first place. To make a choice every day, through the purchases we make, not to participate in the consumption of single-use products and unsustainable packaging.

Each and every purchase, each and every production, each and every action is an incredibly important choice, and it does make a difference!

An important note on our tools

Our philosophy is not introducing onto the Planet more objects than those that already exist. That’s why all the tools we use to carry out our activities are made with reused materials.

Even our reusable garbage bags are made in Rome by Refugee ScArt, a group of political refugees who use discarded plastic to make their products.

Where do we invest your donations?

All donations we receive are invested in the project ReFRESH for schools