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The Appian Way is one of the most ancient and famous ways of the world. It connects the city of Rome, one of the most important touristic venues in the world, with some of the most beautiful places of the south of Italy and, in for what concerns our project today, of the Lazio Region. These places are far less known because of their poor valorization, but in reality all sorts of outdoor activities can be played here while exploring a breathtaking territory.

From Rome to the Roman Castles, going through Sermoneta, all the way to Circeo, Gaeta and Minturno, there are so many trails to discover, parks to explore, crags and big walls to climb, skies where to fly, forests to help thrive and seas were to dive.

There’s also a lot of garbage to clean up and places to restore, giving new visibility to this jewel of Lazio and allowing tourists from all over the world to enjoy not only the beauty of Rome, but that of its surroundings as well.

Project cleanAppia wants to accomplish this exactly: to ecoparticipate in the Appian territory that goes from Rome to Minturno (this is our goal for the moment), cleaning it up and giving it back to the community, committing to keeping it clean.

It’s a very ambitious project, but we don’t like thinking small. We believe that together we can make a difference.

We need funds and means: there really are countless “missions” to carry out in order to clean up and restore the whole area, and we’ll probably find out even more of them while ecoparticipating. After all, you can never know how much garbage will be waiting for you.

We promise we will keep you updated on what’s going on and what we accomplish.

We’ll start right away: the more funds we’ll have at our disposal, the more we’ll be able to dispose of!

How do we plan to keep the areas clean after our intervention? The idea is to create a partnership with local communities and non-profits that will commit to this task, while we too keep a presence on the territory by monitoring it.

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