ReFRESH for schools

ReFRESH – Free From Trash is our school project, on which we invest all the donations we receive.

Through ReFRESH we want to empower environmental education and the Zero Waste culture in schools all over the world.

So ReFRESH is a practical and inclusive toolkit to teach to kids of all ages environmental care, sustainability and how to eliminate single-use products and wastes from our lives.

We decided to create this project because we want to empower everyone to know more about the threats to our Planet and, more importantly, the solutions we have to solve them, starting from ourselves. Indeed, we believe that education is at the base of change and that environmental care, sustainability and a Zero Waste life are subjects as important as literature, maths, science and everything that we already study in our schools.

It’s a very ambitious project and we are constantly looking for supporters and partners. If you want to be one of them, write to us!

Do you want to bring ReFRESH to your school or use it for an independent study group?

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