ReFRESH is the school project where we invest all the donations we receive.

We believe that the daily solutions and actions we all have to live more sustainably, and in a healthier and happier way should be studied in school like any other subject or tool.

That’s why we created ReFRESH.

It’s an educational program launched by Inspire to teach Zero Waste practices and mindful living in schools of all levels, activating students to become Change Agents in their community. 

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This learning project aims at teaching practical, immediate, conscious and up-to-date tools that allow students of all ages to live a more sustainable and zero waste life, starting from themselves all the way to involving their community.

Experiential learning, learning-by-doing and outdoor education are fundamental aspects of our teaching programs, keeping in mind the principles of Systems Thinking. Moreover, we focus on contemplative and breathing techniques, as well as on the connection with oneself and nature, as core elements for a conscious and healthy life. Indeed, these are all tools to learn how to live more sustainably.

ReFRESH Zero Waste School Program

Our programs are customized on to the school and its participants, to guarantee the best possible experience and the highest learning value.

Doing ReFRESH really means to activate a domino effect of sustainability and consumes and impact reduction. Indeed, each student we reach, we involve their family too, as well as the school staff. Because ReFRESH is a collective program, that connects people, one action after the other.

It’s a very ambitious project, that’s why we’re constantly looking for partners and supporters. If you want to be one of them, write us, or join our Teaming Group.


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Moreover, as a school you can double your domino effect: you can activate a twinning between schools, united for the future of the planet and their students!


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ReFRESH: workshop for teachers

ReFRESH is also workshop and educational programs for teachers. Thanks to our educational programs we give teachers practical tools to introduce sustainability and conscious living in their subjects.

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