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Sustainable Team building and education programs

Inspire My Business is Inspire‘s sustainable team building and education program.

Our events all aim at promoting Change Agent models. Our various formats promote awareness and sustainable actions, both as private citizens and employees.

The learning process

What makes our team building activities so special is that they are combined with the practical learning of sustainability and Zero Waste solutions applied to the daily life of the participants, especially when at work.

One of our main goals is to give them the tools to live sustainably, both at work and at home, making their lives healthier and happier.

That’s why a company that chooses a team building and learning programme with Inspire cares about the wellbeing of its employees both at work and outside, recognising how important it is to have a sustainable and healthy lifestyle – and how much this reflects on efficacy and productivity. 

Team building

Our team building activities aim at creating solid and profound connections and increasing collaboration and empathy between the parts, so that participants can become and feel part of a team with a common goal: improve, for themselves, their company and the planet.

Why do we include nature in our activities?

It’s been widely proven that being in contact with nature not only is good for our personal physical and mental wellbeing, but it also improves the relations with others. To a team, it proves how each component is fundamental not only to succeed in a task or project, but also to create balance and harmony, so that work can flow better.

Moreover, the time we spend in nature becomes an actual antidote to stress and a decisive factor in promoting higher levels of health and wellbeing. Some examples of benefits brought by nature are: improved memory and focus, reduction of inflammatory states and arterial pressure, antidepressant effects and, more generally, improved mood.

From a biophilic perspective, nature can inspire mankind profoundly, both as a single individual and as a team, as well as business and professional processes, showing more sustainable and conscious life and business models.

This is why at the core of all our activities there’s the connection with nature, which becomes not only a place where to make wonderful experiences, but also a teacher of collaboration, respect and harmony.

All the activities we propose can be customized according to your necessities.


Led by a certified AIGAE Environmental Tour Guide, along mountain trails suitable for all levels and highly interesting from a natural point of view, participants will be involved in an EcoTrekking during which they will connect with the natural environment they’re in and, provided with all the necessary gear, they will also clean up the trash they’ll find on their way, leading to our Zero Waste Workshop and team building exercises.

Duration: all day/multiple days

Connecting the group through EcoYoga and Mindfulness in nature

Led by a certified guide, participants will be involved in collective yoga sessions and mindfulness exercises, as well as conscious clean up activities.

All these experiences have the triple goal to empower participants to cultivate their physical and mental wellbeing, connect as a group, solidify their bond, and deepen their knowledge about sustainable and Zero Waste practices.

Duration: whole day/half day/retreat mode.

EcoClimb experience

Supervised by a certified Alpine Guide, therefore in total safety, participants will join an EcoClimb experience at the crag, strengthening their bond of trust and support within the team.

During the experience, participants will also carry out a clean up activity and will contribute to the crag’s maintenance, actions that will lead to a deepening of their knowledge about sustainable and Zero Waste living.

Duration: all day/weekend.


Deep into nature: Mindful walking and Forest Bathing (shinrin-yoku)

Guided by mindfulness and Forest Bathing instructors, participants will be guided through an unforgettable, deeply natural experience: mindful walking and Forest Bathing in a secular forest, regenerating their connection with both nature, themselves and the other members of their team.

Silent, deep and kind communication will be at the base of this activity, as well as the understanding of how it’s only through coexistence and collaboration that we can thrive – as nature teaches.

This will be enriched by a conscious clean up activity that will lead to a deepening of the participants’ knowledge about sustainable and Zero Waste living.

Duration: one day/retreat mode

By choosing Inspire’s team building and learning programmes, you’ll bring sustainability in schools too.

Choosing an activity with Inspire has a double value. Indeed, not only it will strengthen the team, but it will also give back to your local community and territory, supporting our school project: ReFRESH, that aims at bringing Zero Waste practices, self-production, horticulture and conscious living in schools of all levels for free.

Indeed, thanks to each team building activity, a group of students will be able to join our ReFRESH programme. Moreover,  your company can choose to adopt a specific school or class, creating a special and direct bond with it.

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