How to make candles with leftover wax

How to make candles with leftover wax? It’s really easy and satisfying. Moreover, making candles with leftover wax is a perfect Zero Waste solution for home decorations, or to make a sustainable present. What we need is:
  • Leftover wax from old candles
  • Old candles jars, cups, etc.
  • Sting for wicks
  • A stick (like a Chinese stick or a wooden stick)
  • A little pot (that will be destined to the production of candles, as wax will be hard to remove)
  • Essential oils for scenting

Procedure to make candles with leftover wax

  • Take all the leftovers we have and crumble them into the pot
  • Melt the wax in double boiler and, keeping the flame low, let it melt completely
  • In the meantime, cut the strings according to the measures of the various jars we have
  • Dip the wicks in the melted wax and lay them to dry, so that wax can become hard and keep them rigid and easily moldable
  • Once they’re dry, wrap one of the extremities of the wick around the stick and place the stick on the jar, making sure that the wick falls straight in its centre all the way to the bottom.
  • When the wax is completely melted, pour a small amount (a finger or two) in the jar and let it solidify. Keep going one finger at a time. You can fill the jar at once if you prefer, but there’s the risk for a small depression in the candle once it solidifies.
  • While the wax is till wet, you can add some drops of essential oil
Generally speaking, if we want to make more or less, the important thing is to keep the proportions. These quantities are enough for more than a month. Do you have some more Zero Waste suggestions and solutions? Write us! We’ll be happy to add it to our list and inspire always more people. Keep exploring our guide to how to live Zero Waste and our Zero Waste Recipe Book.

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